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tv   FOX 29 News at 5PM  FOX  July 3, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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this beautiful weather mold out for the fourth. for that answer let's get over to chief meteorologist scott williams. scott a lost pressure on you. >> you know it looks like we are looking at a little bit of fly in the ointment brad and dawn for art of the upcoming holiday weekend as we take a look what's happening on the satellite/radar right now, you can see a batch of clouds as well as some showers off to the south and that moisture is headed in our direction. not tonight, but as we move the clock ahead, you can see by saturday morning, we're looking at mostly cloudy skies. here's 8:00 o'clock. showers moving in north and west west. and they will continue to advance across the area. here's 11:00 o'clock. you can see scattered showers in the pocono mountains. scattered showers in philadelphia. scattered showers right down the shore. so keep that in mind if you are making some plans. showers and clouds will be in the forecast as well as cooler temperatures for the fourth of july. but take a look as we move toward the evening that rainfall it starts move out. right now it's pretty comfortable only in the low 80s right now in center city. those temperatures pretty uniform upper 70 toss low 80s
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across the area. down the shore right now 81 in surf city. 76 degrees in brigantine. we have mid 70s right now in cape may as well as wildwood. so for tomorrow, as we take a at that forecast area wide in the city 76 degrees. we're looking at mostly cloudy skies down the shore. scattered showers 74. only in the upper 60s in the pocono mountains. we'll talk much more about that rainfall as well as what to expect for the fourth of july evening fireworks celebrations across the area. back to you. dawn. >> thank you, scott. we're keeping an eye on the roads heading to the shore for people getting a late start on the weekend. here's a live look right now at route 42 at the the ac expressway. so far looks like no big issues. we of course will keep checking throughout the newscast. and for many people who had off from work today they're already down at the shore. taking in the sunshine. relaxing. >> the place to be. among them our own joanne pileggi is working today however, but lucky for hershey's on the ocean city boardwalk tonight. there are joanne worst
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places to be. >> reporter: there are worst place to be. actually i'm on the beach right now and brad if you weren't sitting in the anchor chair you might be down here, too. i got the better gig right now. first and for most, ocean city is like coming home to me. i spent every summer of my childhood here in ocean city along the boardwalk and beaches working in stores along the boardwalk so what a great place to be. it brings back memories independence day fourth of july weekend and the amazing time that people have families have in this great beach community. as you can see people are coming off the beach right now we're at the surfer beach right here. surfers out in the ocean and you can see them, they are catch something pretty good waves actually i bet my son wishes that he was here. speaking of my children, if my children happen to find out i'm in ocean city and i don't come home with mack and manco's pizza and kohr brothers and johnson popcorn i'm in serious trouble. any way i just ran into the mayor, um, mayor gillian mayor jay gillian jay and i go way
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back. way way back. many years. his father was mayor many years ago when i work in ocean city and here we are at gillian's wonderland pier. so jay tells me that ocean city just got a great award. one of the best peaches in new jersey. one of the best family towns. one of the best echo friendly vacation spots in new jersey. so great things happening here in ocean city. and he tells me the town is nearly at capacity. they think there's probably 150,000 people here for independence day celebrations. you've got the boardwalk the beach, so so weather. but the merchants will love that tomorrow and then, of course, there's a grand fireworks display tomorrow night at 10:00 on the fourth of july. so again no better place to be starting off the weekend. i've got no problem with that. we'll talk to you guys at 6:00 o'clock and later tonight. take care. >> we'll do our best not to tell your kids, joanne. (laughter). >> back here in philadelphia. huge block party marking the day
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before the fourth of july. >> move from center city to independence mall the party is a celebration of music food and fun. our bruce gordon is in the middle of all the action, of course you are bruce good weather and good crowds. >> reporter: right on both counts, dawn. if you didn't check your calendar you might not know this was a fourth of july themed party and event but really felt more like a general birthday party. not that there's anything wrong with that. if you were looking for a history lesson on independence mall you were mostly out of luck luck. you could find a few colonial reactors here and there teaching the finer points of cannon firing. but this first ever liberty block party on the mall was designed for today's families. >> we're trying to break world record today. >> reporter: make it loud. make it fun. make it unusual. extreme pogoing anyone? no one was complaining. >> it's so fun. >> it's nice and fantastic. i love to be a part of this.
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>> reporter: free live music stages kept the joint jumping and there was plenty of food. nothing symbolizes american independence from great britain like the spanish favorite and while freedom might not be free the pudding was at least on this day. a mid all the general hoopla tourists from around the world shoot patiently in long lines to see the actual symbol of the american independence, the liberty bell was a big hit. >> what's the message it sends to you? >> thanks america. thanks all the guys that did all the hard work to make us have days like this. >> it's freedom and a great place to see. >> reporter: sure it was easy to get a chuckle out of the all the cookie fun folks were having. then it hit me. in a conversation with a party goer a former philadelphian who now lives down south. what did he see when he looked around the block? >> diversity. that's something i haven't seen in a long time a lot of people from different cultures around
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the world come together and have a good time experiencing one another and have -- basic val a good time. >> reporter: this block patti kicks into high gear tonight at 8:00 o'clock when the philly pops take the stage behind me the back gropp of independence hall behind them. it's a free concert bring your lawn chairs and blankets maybe even bring some pug dawn? >> sounds like a good plan, bruce. you can be prepared for whatever you have going on this holiday weekend by downloading the fox 29 news app. you can have news and weather alerts sent to your phone. don't download it for free from the apple or google play stores. >> camden county police are hoping you can help them track down a man accused of opening fire on one of their officers. investigators are looking for this guy. 21-year-old victor bennett. police say bennett shot at officer prince reid on wednesday night while the officer was investigating a suspicious vehicle on cynwyd avenue. police say the car came to a stop and the four people inside walked away but then police say
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bennett returned and started firing at the officers he drove by hitting the vehicle with several rounds. officer was struck in the arm but still pursued the suspect who did manage to get away. police say bennett has a prior history. run ins with the law. >> victor bennett is no stranger to the justice system. he has a violent criminal history. he's no stranger to weapons. at this point we're asking for the public's help. >> police say bennett has a tattoo of a cross on the middle of his forehead and a star on the side of his face. the officer was released from the hospital yesterday and is said to be in good spirits. camden county police continuing their search for a missing east camden man tonight. 31-year-old jose burgos reported missing last night from his home on the 400 block of marlton pike pike. police saying he was last seen at philadelphia international airport. he may be headed to los angeles. of course anyone with information being asked to call the camden county police. in north philadelphia, exchange of gunfire left two people dead and two others hurt overnight.
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it happened around 2:30 this morning near bruner and clarissa streets in nicetown much police say man with a gun approached three people and tried to rob them. that's when one of the victims pulled out a gun and opened fire on the robber. now the robber and one of the victims were caught in that crossfire. both died a short time later. two others were also shot but were not seriously hurt. police are trying to find the man caught on surveillance robbing a germantown store at gun point. investigators releasing this video today showing a man entering the cricket wireless store on the 200 block of west chelten avenue on wednesday. according to police, he pulled the gun and demands cash. investigators say once he gets the money he forces the store employee noose a bathroom and then runs from the store. if you recognize this guy call police. surveillance cameras also catching crooks in action in cobbs creek. police say a man enters the jim's steaks on spruce street on tuesday, pulls a gun points it at a female employee and demands cash from the register. once he gets his money police say he steals a drink for the road and then runs off.
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investigators think this is the same guy who robbed the store on two other occasions in june. upper darby police saying it's just a matter of time before they catch two non so bright criminals. listen to this. authorities say that these two men stole the car of a pizza delivery driver and cell phone inside on sunday night. the guys apparently even took a few selfies using the victim's phone but little did they know those pictures were being automatically up loaded to the victim's cloud account. police have not identified the guys yet but they feel pretty certain that eventually will. two middle school classmates reunite in a court of law. one is the judge the other is in big trouble. her heartbreaking message for him. a 10-year-old boy gets stuck in a chimney waiting for hours to be rescued. what he went down the chimney to try to get. >> andly going gay this weekend. a look at the big plans to show you the city you thought you knew in a whole new light. >> unwanted guest should be ready to crash your barbecue running your plans and your
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health. how a new bug could change the way you eat in the future.
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♪ live look at trenton tonight. clear skies and comfortable temperatures leading into the big holiday weekend. we are however tracking some rain chances. chief meteorologist scott williams will have update coming up in just a few minutes. develop to go night detectives hard at work in california. they have a lot of unanswered questions after body is found signed the wall of a housing project. family of the missing woman
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received anonymous phone call directing them to the body of their loved ones. the family called police. investigators saying they did find a body exact wrl that unknown caller pointed them to. relatives say it is the body of raven joy campbell who lived in that complex. went missing six years ago but at this point cops are saying it's just too early to tell. >> in terms of identity sex race possible cause of death it's something that's going to have to be determined in the days that follow by the coroner's office. >> this is where we told you she was. the body has to be hers. it's not an animal. it's human being. her name is raven joy campbell. >> relatives are say campbell lived in that exact unit when she she went missing. the coroner's office is trying to identify the remains. >> philadelphia police are trying to identify four men who robbed chestnut hill bank earlier in the week. surveillance video catching a good picture of this foursome. it happened tuesday night around 7:00 o'clock at the td bank on the 8600 block of germantown
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avenue. investigators say the group all believed to be in their 20s working together to steal money. three demanding cash while the fourth acted as look out. a bank employee says one of those men had begun. if you know who these guys are police definitely want to hear from you. well the fourth of july is almost upon us and the independence day celebrateing continues all weekend long here in the city of brotherly love. it's in full swing and with hundreds of thousands expected to pack the parkway tomorrow safety officials say they're just trying to do everything they can to keep everybody safe. fox 29 he can weaned's bill anderson on the parkway tonight. bill, hopefully no issues there. >> reporter: no issues thus far. they're going through the process of continuing sound checks getting everything set up for the welcome america concert, but with hundreds of thousands of people actually already here, hundreds of thousands more expected on the parkway tomorrow and national terror alert city of philadelphia is doing everything possible to make people understand that you are in fact
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safe. >> as we enjoy the fourth of july weekend philadelphia like in most recent years is in the middle of music fireworks food and fun. but unlike in most recent years we're also on a heightened security alert for potential terror threat. >> department of homeland security warns major cities to be aware of a potential isis inspired violence threat. the mayor's chief of staff everett gillison says they are taking this seriously but tells people be aware but don't be afraid. >> yes there's been a lot of chatter that something you've heard all over the country. but there's no specific threat to anywhere that we're aware of right now in the country. it just is we have to be vigilant. >> reporter: as you move around the city you can see where extra precautions are being taken. trash cans are being sealed. extra police are out and bags are being searched but the city is also asking people just use a little common sense. >> if you see something say something. if it doesn't feel right it's not right just make sure that
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you reach out to someone who will -- you will see in uniform close by. >> reporter: estimated 700,000 people expected on the parkway for tomorrow's festivities the height and terror alert doesn't seem to be discouraging everybody and the people i talked to said they are aware of the security but it's not bothering them at all. >> they're there doing their job protecting the streets keeping everyone safe and you don't know it's even taking place. >> so far a lot of police presence and everyone is behaving, nothing is rowdy. it's good. we're here in the city of love we feel safe. well really positive about it. >> reporter: as the city stands they're expect throwing quarters avenue million people to be right here throughout the day tomorrow. so they're working closely with the office of emergency management. coming up at 6:00 we'll tell you about a new communication identification system that they set up. here on the parkway i'm bill anderson fox 29 news. ♪
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love it. incredible sounds of the philly pops the group making a quick pit-stop at the kimmel center for rehearsals earlier this afternoon. america's largest stand a lone pops orchestra moving over to independence hall for tonight's free concert. the star -- the show starts at 8:00 o'clock with a special color guard ceremony. visitors are encouraged to bring out their lone chairs and blankets and the only requirement is enjoy. well ticket holders to meghan trainor's show in atlantic city this week had need to make new plans. >> kind of a bummer. 21-year-old pop star postponing that show and another one in connecticut as a result of a hemorrhage to her vocal cords. the singer making that announcement on instagram late last night. saying her doctors want her to do some resting so that things can heal. tray nor writing she's never missed a live show in her life and sorry for those who made travel plans. concerts are expected to be rescheduled.
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>> emotional reunion in a florida courtroom. >> this is interesting. judge recognizes an accused burglar at their former classmate. here's fox's... >> hi, mr. booth. you're back. this time your charges with burglary. >> from the classroom to the courtroom. >> mr. booth, i have a question for you. >> yes, ma'am. >> did you go to nautilus for middle school. >> my goodness. >> 49-year-old arthur booth now a suspected burglar reuniting with his middle school classmate judge mindy glazer. now decades later the two have been brought together in the court of law. booth breaking down in tears during the unexpected reunion. >> oh, my goodness. >> i'm sorry to see you there. i always wondered what happened to you, sir. >> oh, my goodness. >> this is the nicest kid in middle school. >> oh, my goodness. >> on june 29th booth was seen leaving the scene of a burglar at northwest north river drive and 36th street in high lea.
5:19 pm
police say booth failed to pull over as they tried to conduct a traffic stop. the police report says " "mr. booth drove his vehicle on to the median and drove on to the oncoming traffic lanes" mr. mr. booth then bailed from his vehicle end quote. in bond court judge glazer says booth's alleged behavior was not the childhood classmate she remembers. >> he was the best kid in middle school. i used to play football with him and all the kids and look what has happened. i'm so sorry. >> oh, my goodness. >> mr. booth, i hope you're able to change your ways. good luck to you. >> oh, my goodness. >> as booth continues to cry the judge delivers a message she hopes will help turn his life around. >> what's sad is how old we've become. >> oh, my goodness. >> good luck to you sir. i hope you're able to come out of this okay and just lead a
5:20 pm
lawful life. >> judge glazer set booth's bon at $43,000. the financial crisis in greece might seem far away but all too close for a couple celebrating their honeymoon in new york city. how the economic collapse ruined what should have been one of the happiest times of their lives. and listen to this a mother goes into labor in a landfill. luck coo key for her strangers were there to help her. the every day item one of them used to save the baby's live. >> and fireworks can be a whole lot of fun and huge part of the holiday for you, but chances are your pets don't like them. some simple ways you can keep them calm and safe this fourth of july holiday weekend.
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it's a big win for solar power on the world stage. a plane powered only by the sun's rayings landing in hawaii today after a record breaking 5-day journey across the pacific ocean from japan. the project which began in 2002 and he is mated to cost more than $100 million is aimed at highlighting the importance of renewable energy and the spirit
5:24 pm
of inn know vague. solar powered air travel however is not yet commercially practical given the slow travel time weather and weight constraints of the aircraft. stones and tear gas being fired back and forth on the streets of india hundreds of protesters clashing with police there. many muslim residents want complete independence from india's hindu influenced government. they're also protesting the vandalism of a mosque they say at the hands of the government. police have been firing back using tear gas to try to disperse the large crowds. ballot boxes are out ready for greece's referendum on sunday. the country deciding whether to accept creditor demands in exchange for bail out money if they choose no, greece could then exit the euro entirely putting the country possibly at more risk. the opinion poll conducted by greek newspapers there say greeks are almost evenly split. the vote follows the country's shut down of all banks and now limits on daily withdrawals. financial crisis in greek shattering the honeymoon of a greek couple celebrating in new york city. the couple calling the new york
5:25 pm
visit the dream of their lives but it turned into a dramatic nightmare as greece failed to pay its creditors. now that meant their greek issued credit and debit cards were declined and left them penny less. >> my mother and our family -- they couldn't give us money. we don't know anyone here. no one. we're on honeymoon. we don't know anyone. >> tough situation. total strangers from greek orthodox church in queens, new york actually jumped in to help couple giving them much needed survival cash. the couple also received undisclosed amount of cash from a greek journalist in new york. just a heads up here the internet apparently has gotten too big. >> how many of you had this problem even worse. why you don't really need to worry. and philadelphia is going gay this weekend. a look at the big plans to show you the city you thought you knew in a whole new light. scott? >> down, get ready for clouds as
5:26 pm
well as some showers for the fourth of july but will it cooperate for the fireworks? i have the forecast next. >> and starting monday on fox 29 a new lineup of infotainment it starts after fox 29 news at 6:00 with inside edition at 6:30 6:30 dish nation at 7:00 and tmz at 7:30. ♪
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♪ of course thousands of people flocking to philadelphia this weekend for the fourth of july festivities lots going on
5:29 pm
also to celebrate another milestone. pioneers the lgbt movement gathering at the national constitution center. it's the 50th anniversary of that movement. part of the speaking out for equality exhibit that's now on display at the center that focuses on how the constitution protects gay rights. panel was on hand discussing among other things the recent decision by the supreme court to legalize gay marriage. lgbt civil rights movement began right here in philadelphia. >> and fox 29 weekend anchor karen hepp takes a look at a weekend chock full of celebrations. ♪ >> reporter: follow the rainbow, join the pride parties and celebrate the 50th anniversary of the lgbt civil rights movement. tonight hit the festival pier at penn's landing for dumb blond you know them from plus many other amazing acts. then the party moves over to the gay bore hood. saturday it is the big ceremony independence hall from 2:30 to
5:30 pm
3:30. wanda sykes is emcee an live jumbo tron broadcast. it's free. around 4:00 o'clock there's a vip cocktail reception honoring the plaintiff whose case in the supreme court just changed the law marriage equality in this country. >> my husband and i thought for ourselves thought for you our more ratch g that's at the status roof town lounge at the hotel monaco. >> everybody is welcome to the free welcome america concert followed by the firework at 11:00. all week long special exhibits folks can get history straight and their night life gay. there's exhibits at the free library of philadelphia, the liberty bell and the african-american museum. >> lgbt civil rights started here 50 years ago really was based on the african-american civil rights movement and we have never forgotten that. >> reporter: over at the american mew jewish history museum the pursuit of happiness.
5:31 pm
at the national couldn't stewing center, they are seeking out for equality remembering the gay pioneers who made it all possible like frank and philadelphian barbara gidding. >> she and all of those great pioneers gave thus ability to walk down the street today and hold hands and guess and be as normal as everyone else is. >> we're excited to be part of the history at the national constitution center as an exhibit. we've been a partner helping to promote awareness around the history that's so important to us. >> reporter: sunday a free festival in the gay bore hood noon hal six with parties all night long. >> people are people. if you look beyond the labels it's much easier to love. >> for more information on any of the events just come to our website at we've put a link to all the festivities. i'm karen hepp fox 29 news. ♪ and back to your fox 29 weather authority now. and it was a pretty nice day to
5:32 pm
head into the holiday weekend. you guys are looking very fourth of july. >> you got the memo. >> we match. >> we need good weather and it's a little bit iffy. >> war we are looking at clouds tomorrow. also some showers at least the first half of the day unfortunately. but that rain should move out in time for those fireworks displays across the area as well and if you're going to barbecue you might want to barbecue later in the day because i do anticipate those clouds and showers to bring rain early tomorrow morning. but take look at the temperature expected tomorrow. a high of 76 degrees. i mean typically for the fourth of july we have high temperatures at or above 90 degrees. so we are getting a reprieve from the heat and the humidity for the fourth of july tomorrow across the area. as we look at the satellite and radar right now you can see it's dry across the area but the cloud cover has already begun to stream in. but take a look off to the south and west. you can see the thicker clouds and you can see the green
5:33 pm
showing up on the map. that's the system that's headed right in our direction tomorrow. so here's the clock at midnight. we're still dry and quiet across the area. but watch what happens as we advance it ahead to around 8:00 o'clock tomorrow morning. you're looking at mostly cloudy skies. some showers especially once you move north and west of the city toward allentown and lehigh valley as well as the pocono mountains highs tomorrow there only in the upper askings. by 11:00 o'clock you can see it's mostly cloudy. we're looking at scattered showers pretty much area wide. so just keep that in mine for your plans and then as we continue to go in time, most of the rainfall starts to get out of here during the late afternoon and early evening time frame. so that will be the good news for firework displays across the area. right now, outside of our studios 82 degrees. folks are dining el-fresco it's looking comfortable and dry. if you're stepping outdoors we'll go hour by hour by 7:00 o'clock, 79. temperatures in the low 70s. mostly cloudy skies by 11:00. look at the temperatures right
5:34 pm
now. it's 79 in trenton. 80 wrightstown. mid 70s right now down the shore. zoom in a little closer you can see it's 73 degrees currently in beach haven. 75 in brigantine and we're looking at mid 70s in wildwood as well as cape may. so for tomorrow, about a 50% chance for some showers especially the first half of the day. 74 degrees for the high temperature. on sunday, temperatures climb to near 80 down the shore. for the pocono mountains once again 50% chance for showers tomorrow. temperatures only in the upper 60s so a little cool you might want to grab a light jacket there. but look at sunday. temperatures in the upper 70s so for us tonight it's mostly cloudy spotty showers developing overnight. then tomorrow, it's mostly cloudy temperatures only in the mid 70s. well below where we should be for this time of year. and then what about the parkway? the fireworks. it looks like partly cloudy skies. low 70s by 7:00. dropping into the upper 60s by 11:00 o'clock tomorrow night. so that's the good news that rain should be out of here for the firework that.
5:35 pm
weather authority seven day forecast shows clouds and showers around tomorrow. only 76 degrees for the high. the average by the way this time of year is 87. look at sunday and monday. looking good. you couldn't ask for better weather it's a 10 on a scale of one to 10. then a few pop up storms. it's hazy, hot and humid as we move into next week. >> just got to keep this holiday weekend through monday, an a extra day. >> some people are off on monday. >> yeah. >> thanks, scott. many of you may be watching fireworks from the garden state and many more may be headed there for the holiday weekend. >> other americans are not feeling the love for new jersey. we will explain. >> and a mother goes into labor in a landfill but lucky for her some strangers were there to help her out. the every day item one of them used to save the baby's life. and coming up at 6:00 the reason some folks are showing no love for being american. we'll explain. >> plus world cup excitement hit hitting a fever pitch this weekend. you don't want to miss team u.s. battling japan for the woman's
5:36 pm
world cup. it starts sunday at 5:00 p.m.
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♪ beach goers on both coasts are hitting the water as the weather gets hotter and that means dealing with inevitable shark sightings. the town of seal beach california using a unique method to protect swimmers. it's using a drone making it easier for lifeguards to spot sharks like this one before lifeguards try to spot the sharks from boats. taken 30 years but it seem the internet is now full. north american company in charge of as signing ip addresses has announced it's run out of numbers this week. those numbers help to identify each computer using the internet. the current system in use has more than four middle billion possible addresses. now they're all taken up. a new system is on the way that will have more than 300 possible addresses. if you're wondering that's
5:40 pm
number three with 38 zeros behind it. no need to worry if you're getting a new computer. call it a sign of the times. soon you'll be able to take selfie to buy things. mastercard will soon let you pay for tran transaction by taking a picture of yourself. if you buy something witness card the company sends a notification to your phone. you just take picture of your face to confirm your identity as an extra precaution you do have to blink once when taking that selfie that way a thief can't use a photo of you. right now 500 people are testing the new feature before it's rolled out to everyone else. well a new survey is painting new jersey in a bad light according to u gov new jersey is the most dislike state in the country. the survey showed 40% of americans have unfavorable opinion of new jersey compared to 35% who have a favorable opinion. so why the dislike? u gov says it may be because new jerseyan are likely to take a hard nosed attitude toward life. hawaii was ranked as the most
5:41 pm
popular state. >> we should invite them to jersey spend some time here. >> unwanted guests could be ready to crash your barbecue. could it ruin your plans and your health. how a new bug in the area could change the way you eat starting now. >> fireworks can be a whole lot of fun for the family. but for many, chances are your pets are frightened by them. simple ways you can keep them calm and safe this holiday weekend. >> sean? >> sixers rookies getting ready for summer camp. okafor receiving all types of praise from his teammates after only two days of work. their thoughts later in sports.
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>> many people love to celebrate the fourth of july with fireworks. it's a tradition for a lot of people but those displays can be terrifying to your pets and even leave them injured. >> fox's ashley michaels has more on avoiding pet injuries on this holiday weekend. >> reporter: it wouldn't be the fourth of july without the boom of fireworks. but to dogs, that isn't the sound of celebration. >> it just makes him more and more scared. >> reporter: and when they're scared, they run. >> they'll find any means necessary to get away from the firework. >> reporter: lesson andrew turner and his dog have learn the hard way this year. >> these are the big ones. >> reporter: he got scared and jumped their 6-foot fence. she ran out on colorado boulevard where she was hit by a car. >> she had 12 stitches arc crack hip. got a broken ear. >> reporter: several hundred dollars in vet bills later wom
5:46 pm
bat will make a full recover roo recovery. >> just because the dogs are frighten they get out of their yard and take off. >> reporter: denver animal control says they see an 80% increase in impounds around the fourth of july which is hard on your pet. >> when they come here they don't know us. all they know they've been put in a truck taken out of a truck and put in a kennel over here report roar it will run i was 100 bucks to bail them out. a trip experts say is total avoidable. >> take their dogs into the house before they leave. put them in quite area. >> if your pet always seems to have a tough time you may want to talk to your vet before hasn't. maybe able to get anxiety meds that might work in a hurry. >> former owners of an oregon bakery speaking out tonight after they were ordered to pay up after refuseing to serve same sex couple a cake. melissa and aaron klein being
5:47 pm
fined $135,000 for refusing the bake the couple a cake. that ruling coming down from a state board yesterday. the kleins are christian and aaron klein says provideing a cake to a gay couple goes against their religious believes. the couple had to close their business after vendors cut ties with them. the state is using them to set an example. >> for this to go this far this is ridiculous. it should scare every american. >> we had a weekly occurrence we have somebody sent us hate mail. >> couple says they'll be appealing to a higher court and they are hoping right now for the best. >> outdoor summer fun kicks into high gear danger is lurking from something so tin knee you can barely see it and one bite from this thing can actually change what you eat forever. like red meat. as our joyce evans tells us, you're not going to like it. ♪ >> reporter: he's deputy mayor round these parts. quaint town, fresh air and rolling green fields of mullica
5:48 pm
hill, new jersey. >> dear coming through here all the time. there's turkeys. >> reporter: dennis is a real outdoorsman. tough, rugged, and a master on the grill. >> that one is looking good right there. report roar year round. goes great with watching sports. but his world now turned upside down by an insect no bigger than a spec of dirt. >> i had a burning sensation on the lower part of my lip. >> reporter: just moments later --ing. >> i can feel around my wrists starting to tingle. my ankles, my weight. >> reporter: but before he could get his morning coffee -- >> my hands are swelling. i go into the powder room and i look at myself and i'm like whoa! >> reporter: a rapidly swelling tongue now affecting his breatheing. >> i'm thinking this can't be good. >> reporter: it wasn't. >> they just hit me up with steroids, anti his mean stuff and they said we're not going to know what caused it but we need to get rid of it. >> reporter: they got rid of the allergic reaction no problem
5:49 pm
but the blood test results for the cause a shocker. >> low and bee hal i come back with the lone star tick disease. >> reporter: this is what the little critter looks like. magnified. this is closer to the deer tick. very small tick. >> reporter: not originally from around here. but the lone star tick has been moving into our region rapidly on the backs of deer. >> we don't know a lot about the lone star tick and the manifestations of it. >> reporter: but they are feasting or more humans who have no idea what's happening. >> reaction may be as mild as hives or much more severe. >> it doesn't spread lyme disease like the known deer tick. it left dennis with a more mysterious misery. >> he tested specifically for beef pork and lamb. and all those numbers came back real high. >> reporter: a violent allergic reaction to red ma meat. >> what happens with this tick is they introduce a particular
5:50 pm
carbohydrate protein it's specifically called alpha gallon gallon. >> reporter: allergy expert dr. george martin says dennis is he can treatmently lucky his doctor was aware of it since most aren't. ♪ >> you can't ever get rid of it? >> the on thing you can avoid. >> this can't be i need a p steak. >> we have no formula for the treatment of our food allergies. >> reporter: meat and potato dennis was forceed to drastically change his diet. this is all turkey and chicken? >> yup. >> that's your turkey and here's chicken. >> reporter: all about the seasoning he says. >> they have sweet onion. they have just regular. >> reporter: even seafood and ross struck meat works. so how does chicken and fish -- how much fish and chicken and all that did you eat before. >> not as much as i'm eating now. soon i may start clucking. i don't know. honestly i like it, it's really good. it's not the same. >> reporter: but there is an up side to all of this.
5:51 pm
dennis is loseing weight, feeling better and his high cholesterol no more. >> i moon you got to live your life. >> reporter: let's try. he cares an epi pen and other medication just in case he accidentally eats some red meat. >> not making a bad face much that's good. >> reporter: he's adjusted his grill skills, too. >> you just mick it up and you can try something new. report roar hmm. now dr. martin says not everybody bitten by a lone star tick will develop a red meat allergy, but you still don't want to take any chances. remember, it has a single white mark and its back it's aggressive too. this one chased down my photographer in a busy store parking lot. so protect yourself and your children and check for ticks after every outing. joyce evans fox 29 news. a 10-year-old tech text boy lucky to be alive tonight after being stuck in a chimney for hours. jadin along forward was on the roof of his home with his friend when he dropped his cell phone down the chimney.
5:52 pm
wallingford later told police he thought he'd be able to slide right down to the bottom and grab it but things didn't go as planned for little boy. he ended up stuck in the chimney for some three hours. his friend broke a glass door to get into his house and tried to pull his friend out. when he couldn't he ran for help. firefighters arriving on the scene helping to get jadin to safety. >> if i would have known -- i can climb back out and everything would be normal but i just got stuck at the bottom. >> never do that again. i was worried and i'm thinking right now i shouldn't do that again. >> aww. jadin's father says he is thankful his son is okay. yes jadin current system grounded and he won't be going anywhere near the roof and his dad probably took that cell phone away as well i got a feeling. >> there will not ab repeat. city employees from austin texas helped to pull off a roadside delivery. fox's rudy cosky was when there the two finally met face to face face. >> reporter: this landfill in
5:53 pm
southeast austin is no longer accepting deliveries. but last week, that didn't stop a man from pulling up with his wife just safety director tim hill was leaving. >> i wouldn't thought it was somebody lock blocking the entrance. being i work in safety i need to get this guy out of here before one of my trucks come. >> the woman in the car was having a baby. hill said he had just enough time to radio his office. >> the baby came and it was coming and it was out. >> were you surprised how quick the baby came. >> by the time i got back i mean i literally had to just catch it. the babb was right there. >> the call to the 911 center connected hill to ems communications medic jessica mclane. she knew exactly what to do. >> this is the third. >> two met face to face for the first time wednesday morning. >> he did a very good job. he was excited but he was calm. he did amazeing. and he was a good caller. did he what i told him. >> paramedics are on the way to help you. i want to stay on the line. i'll tell you exactly what to do
5:54 pm
next. joke. >> yes, ma'am. >> wipe off the baby's mouth and nose. >> okay. >> dry the baby off with a clean towel. okay. if you can't find a towel, t-shirt or blanket or something. >> i wasn't scared. i just didn't want the baby to die on me. >> having the 911 operator on the phone with you how important was that to get you through this situation. >> very important. very important. i mean she -- she was phenomenal. >> baby is between -- the baby is between her legs laying down the cord is not wrapped around the baby's neck or anything. >> okay. go ahead and pick up the baby and wrap it up in the towel. and hand the baby to the mother. >> she went back and said all right we'll handle the umbilical situation. was that moment in regards to oh here we go. >> i wanted to tell her no, no, ma'am, come through the phone and do it. but i mean i -- of course i couldn't say that. >> hill was told not to cut the cord but to tight off. so he had to improvise.
5:55 pm
>> there it was. had to brand new boot strings. >> the mother is conscious. everything is fine. she's breathing much she's smiling. >> perfect. perfect. did you a great job. and just make sure that you have her be still and hold the baby until we get there. >> very still. very still. >> as emergency responders pulled up, hill and mclane had it all under control. >> is it a boy or girl? >> a little girl. >> little girl. okay. >> a child who eventually will be able to say she started live from the fast lane. >> quite the story she will have to tell. mother and baby by the way doing just fine tonight. ♪ thinking about going to see the fireworks with your children? warning the reason a fourth of july tradition could be do more harm than good. ♪ >> on this holiday weekend, are you proud to be an american? the generation that's becoming
5:56 pm
less devoted to our nation's ideals. ♪
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>> fox 29 news in hd brought to you by xfinity the future of awesome. ♪ we've been waiting and the fourth of july weekend is finally here. right now plenty of people head heading to old city independence mall right here in the city of brotherly love where the liberty block party is in full swing. plenty going on for sure. let's owed head over to the shore. people gathered well we were going to show you on the beach it looks like we're on the
6:00 pm
boardwalk. that's the place to be to kick off the holiday weekend for sure sure. >> and taking a live look at route 42 and the ac expressway. really? traffic does not look bad at all right now. >> i think everybody left yesterday. >> i think you might be right. maybe now is the time to head out if you're kind of waiting to see. no question lots of people on the go this holiday weekend. good friday evening i'm dawn timmeney. >> i'm brad sattin in for chris o'connell tonight. eighths big weekend. the question on everyone's mine is the weather going to cooperate for us scott? >> brad and dawn, we have few hiccups in the holiday weekend forecast. but stepping outdoors on this friday evening it's pretty comfortable. we have mostly cloudy skies out there. but it's going to be fine for firework tonight or even throwing something on the grill across the area. however, this is what we're keeping tabs on for the fourth of july. thicker clouds as well as some rain. you can see it in parts of virginia and west virginia and it will continue to head in our direction. so as we talk a little bit about the timing you can see by midnight it's mostly cloudy and dry across the area. but


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